Ontario East Elevators


All mechanical and electrical equipment has a life span and elevators are no exception. Implementation of a well-designed preventative maintenance program extends this life span, but eventually your elevator equipment needs to be updated to comply with changing technological and safety standards and to improve reliability for your customers or tenants.


Using state-of-the-art, non-proprietary equipment, we will help you customize your elevator modernization to exactly fit your needs.


Our team of experts will manage your elevator modernization from start to finish. We will arrange and coordinate all aspects required to complete the modernization and report to you regularly on our progress and path forward.


With an extensive selection of fixtures and accessories from companies such as Dupar Controls, MAD Fixtures, Innovation Industries and others, we can help meet accessibility requirements and give your elevator a clean, up-to-date appearance to match any building's decor and increase the appeal of your property.

Door Operators


Door problems account for the highest number of elevator breakdowns. Ontario East Elevators utilizes GAL Door Equipment for all of our modernization projects. These are the number one specified door operators, and the preference of elevator consultants throughout North America.



Improve the appearance of the elevator with new wall panels, flooring, ceiling designs, door skins, and even mirrors.  The design options are nearly unlimited.



We use top-of-the-line modern solid state control systems from companies such as GAL, MCI, JRT and others.  These are non-proprietary systems that can be maintained by any qualified contractor.



We offer Hollister Whitney Machines, the number one specified hoist machine and the preference of elevator consultants throughout North America.  Additionally we can provide machines from nearly every manufacturer to meet your modernization needs.








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